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Join the Conversation on Essential Skills for an INNOVATIVE Classroom in the INNOVATION Era!

  • Discover key skills that will prepare your students for the future.

  • Explore innovative strategies for fostering critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.

  • Learn about technological tools that will transform your pedagogical approach.

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Twani emphasizes the importance of using mobile phones in education, encouraging students to use hashtags and identifiers. The discussion moves on to the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) in education, challenging traditional notions of AI as highly intelligent robots replacing teachers.

There's mention of various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp being used for educational purposes, along with examples of famous personalities like Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison being discussed in the context of education.

Erika highlights the role of creativity and storytelling in education, mentioning the use of various online tools and platforms for enhancing creativity in students.


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Vasquez's presentation emphasized the central role of personalized learning in education. Leveraging his extensive background in education technology and entrepreneurial ventures, Vasquez offered invaluable insights into the integration of AI in educational settings...

  • Understanding Chatbots in Education

  • Applications and Challenges

  • Benefits and Concerns

  • Opportunities for Improvement

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The panelists engaged in a dynamic discussion on how AI and technology can be woven into everyday educational practices. They shared practical examples, including automated grading systems, personalized learning platforms, and language learning applications, demonstrating the tangible benefits of these technologies in enhancing the educational experience for both students and teachers.


The conversation also touched upon the broader implications of technology in education, from fostering global and multicultural perspectives to redefining the teacher-student dynamic...

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