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Sustainable Future Education Scholarship

We are excited to announce the offering of seven scholarships for students with a passion for sustainability and a desire to become change-makers. These scholarships, generously provided by CUBICO Sustainable Investments, present a unique opportunity for students to become fellows of the Sustainable Future Education (SFED) Program.

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Sustainable Future Education Scholarship

The Sustainable Future Education Scholarship application is available for students applying to eligible programs that start in 2023-2024 academic year. The deadline for scholarship aid is July 21st, 2023.


Please be aware, this will be your only opportunity to apply for scholarship aid. There is no option to apply or reapply for scholarship aid in future years.  

Scholarship Eligibility

We encourage all applicants from all grade levels to complete our scholarship application regardless of their level of financial need. However, we are prioritizing students with strong background on sustainability actions or great desire to implement actions towards facing climate change issues. 


Note: We welcome applications from students across the globe who share our mission and vision. Let's shape the future together.

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