In Kinich School, we know that family participation is crucial for the growth and success of our students in an online-distance education modality. Families' roles will vary according to grade level, course content, family dynamics, and each student's needs.

  • Whether a student needs daily support or not, the family must regularly plan and check their children’s progress in our portal and virtually meet with the academic coaches.
  • Parents receive support from Kinich School through workshops, peer-to-peer conversations,  assessments, and resources, to adapt to our school methodology.
Elementary School

Younger students (3rd grade) will need a meaningful amount of support from fathers, mothers, or caregivers, during the first weeks at school.

Families will have to help their children to start zoom sessions, provide additional school supplies, supervise content, and assist in some activities.

Our goal is to promote learning autonomy in students. This autonomy is reached after a few weeks of working collaboratively with parents.

Higher Elementary School

Higher elementary school students (4th, 5th and 6th graders) will probably need some support, although it will be less than in lower elementary grades.

Academic Coaches will work during the first weeks in developing students’ autonomy, self-regulation, and growth mindset. This will allow students to develop agency to guide their learning by themselves.

Middle School

Students at middle school (7th, 8th and 9th graders) will feel comfortable working online and collaboratively to develop complex projects, solve challenges, and attend classes. However, parents must check students’ activities at least once a week to keep a nice school pace.

Equivalencia de grados por país

Tuitions and Fees

Annual Payment

Enrollment Fee

$480 USD

Monthly tuition / 10 months per year

Elementary School

$440 USD

Monthly tuition / 10 months per year

Middle School

$440 USD

  • Students need an iPad to use our  platform, we encourage you to acquire one at an Apple Store® near you.

Information Sessions

We have information sessions for you to find out why Kinich School is the best option for your family.

The admissions team will answer any questions you might have.

Open Classes

The best way to get to know Kinich School is attending in a live class session

Admission Process

After attending to an informative session and open class, follow this steps:


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Fill the admission form in Open Apply


You will receive a confirmation to schedule an interview with the admissions team.


The interview will allow us to know each student and their family better.


You will receive information about admission status, school enrollment, and fees.


You will receive information to purchase the iPad or guidelines to use one of your own.


Our tech team will contact you to synchronize the Knotion Platform on the iPad.


Kinich School´s team will give you a welcome session.


You should attend an induction session to use the parental portal.

Contact our team
for more information