• Digital Multimedia Content Creation Coordinator

Guillermo Esponda

Guillermo Esponda is the Coordinator of Digital Multimedia Content Creation. He is a Filmmaker focused on transmitting messages, ideas, and emotions through images and audiovisual media. These have led him to pursue diplomas in Cinematography, Photography, Narrative, and Screenplay. He is also a specialist in video, photo, and animation editing software.


He has a degree in cinematographic creation from the Descartes University in collaboration with CUEC / UNAM. He is passionate about new technologies, audiovisual production and to be at the forefront of communication and better convey ideas.


During his professional career, he has been in charge of different areas of audiovisual production, as content creator for advertising campaigns, post-production director for feature films, Producer and Cinematographer for television programs broadcast on Channel 22, Channel 10 Chiapas, and by streaming.