• First grade elementary school coach

Estephanie Bastida Chávez

Estephie is a Coach in First grade of Primary at Kinich School. Her mission and vision has been in favor of quality education and socio-emotional development in early childhood children.
She has shown her human warmth in volunteering and internships in organizations such as Comisión Nacional de Fomento Educativo (CONAFE), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Pact for Early Childhood and Education to Share, where she carried out activities to raise awareness about the importance of early childhood in the country in addition to contributing to the improvement of recreational activities for children in this stage.
She was part of the First Generation of the Early Childhood Leadership Program of Enseña por México where she developed educational improvement projects and pedagogical practice, achieving an important change in the educational paradigm. Her objective is to continue updating herself on issues in favor of a transformative vision of early childhood for what she is currently studying: a Master’s in Education and Leadership and a Diploma in Early Intervention and Neurodevelopmental Rehabilitation.

She has completed a degree in Psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, as well as a Diploma in Personalized Early Education.