• Elementary school coach

Behram Raúl Mayo Martínez

Behram is Kinich’s 5th grade Coach in Primary School.  He has 14 years of experience in Primary education while transitioning through different private schools promoting the use of technology in the classroom as well as strategies for students’ competences development and evaluation. Behram has provided multiple trainings to teachers and managers on the subject of education competences. Moreover, his artistic musical training has allowed him to promote the appreciation and teaching of musical education within the classroom and its use as a resource for the development of the students’ learning. Behram strongly believes that the combination of innovation, education and art opens new doors and worlds of possibilities for people.


Coach Behram has a degree in Special Education, specialized in ​​Neuromotor Disorders from Escuela Normal de Especialización. Behram also has a master’s degree in Competences-Based Education from Universidad del Valle de Mexico. He is a pianist and cellist for the National Conservatory of Music of Mexico.