• IT Coordinator

Antonio Candelario

Antonio is the Information Technology Coordinator at Kinich School. For Antonio, Emerging technologies are one of the great allies of education, so he is passionate about it. 


He has collaborated with educational organizations from his social service with the PERAJ program “Adopts a Friend,” and his love for education was born there. Also, is an alumnus of the Enseña por México program. He taught structured programming classes, object-oriented and e-learning systems, and the development and management of LMS software. 


He also collaborated with Oracle Corporation and Ashoka on community technology projects. 


He received awards from Carolina University for using the best technological tools adapted to the new virtual wave of online classes, was part of the Youth Program at the 17th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates. He was working to strengthen humanitarian labor in favor of universal values, promote international cooperation and knowledge sharing. 


He developed projects with allies such as the Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos in México, and is currently a mentor of the National Comitte of Students for Enseña Por México. 


Antonio Candelario is an Ingeniern school graduate from The University of Guadalajara.